Preparing for Your Full Child Custody Hearing

Divorce is a big battle and once you are over it, it is time for your child’s custody. It may so happen that this phase does not come to your life but 90% of divorce cases file for child custody. In that situation how will you start? What do you need? Who to consult? All these questions are on top of the mind.

A child custody hearing needs a lot of preparation even before it starts. The first and foremost thing any parent must do is go consult the best family lawyers. You may not want to but then you don’t want to make any mistakes, right?

Here are some basic preparations that you must take care of before stepping into a child custody hearing phase.


Every court case comes with suitable documents in place. If you are not aware of what documents then the lawyer is the right person to help you out. Also even if you know what documents will be required there is a protocol to file the documentation in court and you need to learn it.

It is a long process and needs everyday time to reach court and complete various processes. A lawyer can save you that time by doing these things. Or sometimes a lawyer can suggest what faster ways can be used to save your time.


A child custody case considers parent communication as a very important aspect. The feeling of supportiveness and cooperation will be judged according to how you communicate. There are times when one parent is willing to communicate more and that gives brownie points in front of the judge.

The court will always want both parents to interact with the child and be in his/her life. But who communicates better has more chances to her child’s custody. If you don’t want to talk to your spouse then you may lose the case. Try to communicate but if the situation doesn’t permit then you will need to prove your capability.

Quality of life

The quality of life that a child can get is another aspect during a child custody hearing. Court wants to give the child a better future and the best he/she can get. You need to present the best standard of living towards the court and it should be true. Any false promises may lead to legal troubles.

But you need not worry as a court will judge both emotional and financial quality of life. You may not be financially well but the emotional balance is equally important. You can prove that you are able to provide better emotional balance to the child and a balanced financial standard of living.


The child custody case also makes sure that both the parents get enough time to visit the child and interact equally. Child visitation is one very important time that you don’t want to lose with your child. It is that golden time when you can make your child know your presence in his/her life.

It may be possible due to some error or miscommunication court may not give you proper child visitation rights but good family lawyers can help you to deal with it. Seek help from a child custody lawyer to understand your case better.

Court behaviour

As court proceedings differ from case to case your behaviour must change according to the case. A child custody case needs more patience, cooperation, friendly and balanced behaviour. Your behaviour judgment will start with basic etiquette followed in court. 

The behaviour can be at best when you know what you lack and where you need to improve. Family lawyers understand which kind of behaviour is appreciated in court and you can consult them to learn about it.


There are times when in child custody hearing things don’t turn out as you wanted but with the lawyers’ help, you can understand what is happening wrong. Where you can improve to strengthen the case. If you don’t hire a lawyer then understand the legalities in detail, it will help a lot. 

Before the child custody heading case there will be trials and if you lose the trials don’t get disheartened or if you won the trial, don’t think of it as a final judgment. You need more information to fight the case further. Try more to have faith in court and respect the process. I wish you all the luck that prevails!



About the Author

Dan Buckley is a leading family lawyer in Toowoomba and a Legal Partner at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law. He has 14 years of experience and was the Recommended Family Lawyer for the year 2015. He has a Bachelor of Law with a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

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