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Child Custody Hearing

Preparing for Your Full Child Custody Hearing

Divorce is a big battle and once you are over it, it is time for your child’s custody. It may so happen that this phase does not come to your life but 90% of divorce cases file for child custody. In that situation how will you start? What do you need? Who to consult? All …

The Do's And Don't's Of Dating While Newly Divorced

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Dating While Newly Divorced

When your divorce is finalised, the next big step in continuing your life is getting back in the dating game. It helps you get your mind off your past, helps you see what’s still ahead in your future, and, most importantly, helps you begin the much needed healing process. Like most first-time divorcees, it’s difficult …

Tips on camping with kids

Camping With Kids: The Most Fun Your Family May Ever Have

Camping with kids creates the kind of memories that last a lifetime for you and for them. Bring along the kids rain boots, kids rain gear, your favourite camp recipes and sleep under the stars in the best family tent. Camping brings back the simplicity in life, slows down the pace and almost forces you …

campsite setup tips

5 Campsite Setup Tips for a Fantastic Camping Trip

These campsite setup tips were compiled over many experiences and lessons learned. Whether you’re going on a weekend campout or pitching a tent along the Appalachian Trail, use these tips to help plan your campsite. Some campsite setup tips are unique to the campers and the location and the conditions. For example, campers with children …

Top 10 Parenting Skills to Be the Best Parent You Can

Top 10 Parenting Skills to Be the Best Parent You Can

Top 10 parenting skills put together below are based on my experience with regard to bringing up my children. I have been practicing these principles and methods and started to see remarkable change in my children behaviour and attitudes. I have written this article to share my parenting skills to benefit people like you. I …

How to Organise Yourself

How to Organise Yourself by Knowing Your Working Style

Everyone works in a different way and has different organisational needs. The techniques I suggest to one client may not work for another. The first step to knowing which organisational systems will make you more efficient is recognising your own particular working style. In oder to organise yourself, I’ve found that most people fall into …

divorce in Western Australia

Your Essential Guide to Divorce in Western Australia

The divorce component of family law in Western Australia applies to couples who are (or were) married or during a de facto relationship. De facto under Australian law is a couple who have lived together in a relationship for at least two years, unless you have had children together or there have been substantial contributions …

writing things down

Organise Your Thoughts by Writing Things Down

The notebook, a simple tool that you can use to organise your thoughts and writing things down. You might already have gotten into the habit of writing things down and have discovered how helpful it can be. I actually have just started writing things down a few months ago. Before I found out how useful jotting …

DIY projects for children and parents

DIY Projects for Children and Parents to Enjoy Together

Is your kid tired of the same old school-house-playground routine every day? Don’t you have enough time to bring your child to the zoo or amusement park? Are you tired of fixing up old, broken toys instead of buying new ones? Don’t fret, because with our DIY projects for children and parents, you can make …

healthy boundaries and relationship success

Healthy Boundaries Are Essential to Relationship Success

Having healthy boundaries is essential to relationship success. This is true for the relationship you have with your partner, your friends, your children, your parents and anyone else with whom you are in close relationship. Whilst boundary-less relationships work okay for a while, they bring great unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the long run and frequently …

diffuse anger in relationships

Effective Communication to Help Diffuse Anger in Relationships

If you wish to diffuse anger in relationships, straightforward non-hostile, calm and loving communication is vital if we are to be at peace with ourselves and spread happiness into the world. It is also vital to all important relationships, especially within the family. It should be obvious that we will not know what the other …

Dual Occupancy Home Melbourne
Lifestyle, Personal Finance

Should You Invest In A Dual Occupancy Home In Melbourne?

For a long time now, the concept of dual occupancy properties has become well-known due to various reasons. Dual occupancy homes are cleverly designed to make the maximum utilisation out of the available area. Dual occupancies have a unique design. Two dwellings are constructed on the same land. These may be attached or detached. So …

Bach flower therapy

What Is Bach Flower Therapy and What Does It Do

As terrestrial beings we are subject to the laws of development and decay, of life and death. We think of ourselves as mortal beings, however at the same time we carry the awareness of our divine, immortal nature; our entire life is spent trying to unite the transient and the eternal. The universal prime cause, …

Apple watch bands

Apple Watch Leather Bands – The Style Quotient

The Apple Watch made its appearance a few years back. It was a reason for many to buy a smartwatch immediately. The nice thing about this smartwatch is that people can vary endlessly with straps. There is a wide choice of different materials and certificates. So, they can constantly change bands. The original Apple bands …