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diffuse anger in relationships

Effective Communication to Help Diffuse Anger in Relationships

If you wish to diffuse anger in relationships, straightforward non-hostile, calm and loving communication is vital if we are to be at peace with ourselves and spread happiness into the world. It is also vital to all important relationships, especially within the family. It should be obvious that we will not know what the other …

Dual Occupancy Home Melbourne
Lifestyle, Personal Finance

Should You Invest In A Dual Occupancy Home In Melbourne?

For a long time now, the concept of dual occupancy properties has become well-known due to various reasons. Dual occupancy homes are cleverly designed to make the maximum utilisation out of the available area. Dual occupancies have a unique design. Two dwellings are constructed on the same land. These may be attached or detached. So …

Bach flower therapy

What Is Bach Flower Therapy and What Does It Do

As terrestrial beings we are subject to the laws of development and decay, of life and death. We think of ourselves as mortal beings, however at the same time we carry the awareness of our divine, immortal nature; our entire life is spent trying to unite the transient and the eternal. The universal prime cause, …

Apple watch bands

Apple Watch Leather Bands – The Style Quotient

The Apple Watch made its appearance a few years back. It was a reason for many to buy a smartwatch immediately. The nice thing about this smartwatch is that people can vary endlessly with straps. There is a wide choice of different materials and certificates. So, they can constantly change bands. The original Apple bands …

Vehicle exhaust

Understanding Your Vehicle Exhaust and Fluid Colours

Car owners are well familiar with the various problems they might have with their vehicle. Some of the common problems with your vehicle include warning lights coming up when you least expect it, a sputtering engine, steering wheel issues or even overheating, etc. One of the methods of ensuring a vehicle runs smoothly is to …

Island of Bali Indonesia

Essential Travel Guide to the Iconic Island of Bali Indonesia

Here are a few important topics that you should know, before heading to Bali. Weather The island of Bali has a warm tropical and humid climate all year around, with daily temperatures barely moving from day to day, with a minimum of approximately 23 degrees, and maximum of 33 degrees. Unlike most of Australia, Bali …

Proven relaxation methods

Proven Relaxation Methods To Reduce Your Stress Quickly

We all have those moments when we’re stressed or tense or anxious and we would like to be able to find some good old relaxation to wind down and find some peace and calm in our day. In this article, I share some fantastic relaxation methods to help you in those moments they might not …

things to do in Tasmania

Travel Guide: 10 Amazing Things to Do in Tasmania

Welcome to Tasmania’s fabulous capital Hobart. We have ten amazing things to do in Tasmania starting here in Hobart’s historic Salamanca waterfront precinct. Every Saturday, the famous Salamanca markets are held right here and it’s a must-see a renowned for fresh food, arts and crafts and more. The Salamanca market is not only a great …

Hindmarsh, South Australia

Your Guide to the Cool Adelaide Suburb of Hindmarsh

Only a few kilometres northwest of the Adelaide CBD, lies Hindmarsh. Nestled between the railway, South Road and the Torrens River, Hindmarsh is an interesting suburb. The suburb of Hindmarsh is named after South Australia’s first Governor, Sir John Hindmarsh (1785-1860). Landmarks Notable buildings include; The 16,500-seat Hindmarsh Stadium, which is home to the Adelaide United …

Historic Peninsula Hotel building, Maylands

Your Guide to Perth’s Hip and Happening Suburb, Maylands

Located less than 5 kilometres northeast of the Perth CBD, on the banks of the Swan River, lies Maylands, an eclectic suburb who is certainly starting to bloom as a creative and cultural hub. Large areas of high density apartments built in the seventies and eighties are mixed with traditional weatherboard homes and new architecturally …

suitcase packing hacks

7 Suitcase Packing Hacks to Make Travel Stress Free

I would never say I actually enjoy packing, however after over 1,000 flights, I feel like I have developed some handy luggage packing knowledge. So before you next start throwing items haphazardly into a suitcase, consider these following tips. Mark that suitcase Not really a packing tip, however since I tend to use generic looking …

sleep better

4 Non Drug Remedies That Can Help You Sleep Better

The human body needs seven to eight hours of sleep every day in order to stay healthy. However, an average Australian only sleeps for around six hours a night. Lack of proper sleep will have a negative impact on the body and the mind. Sleep related problems like insomnia (sleeplessness) are very common, especially among …

Benefits of volunteering

How and Why Volunteering Is Good for Your Health

You may think the only benefits from volunteering is for the charity that you donate your skills or time for. This is simply not so! There’s been a rage of studies that show volunteering is good for your health as well. This article over on the Sydney University website explains some of these benefits. Health …