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What is the intermittent fasting diet?
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The Complete Guide to the Intermittent Fasting Diet

  Have you ever been constantly looking to find the best, most successful diet for long term weight loss? Do you still desire to consume the foods you like rather than obsess over everything you put in your mouth? Let’s discuss the intermittent fasting diet. The intermittent fasting diet lets you burn off fat and …

The Influence of Cultural and Social Factors on Healthy Lifestyle
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The Influence of Cultural and Social Factors on Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is better than being suffering from an illness. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by regular physical activity combined with good habits. This will have an incredibly positive influence on the individual’s entire life. Most people frequently classify a healthy lifestyle as a supplementary endeavour, which can only be achieved only when certain …

exercise at home
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Four Fantastic and Free Ways to Exercise at Home

Getting fit is a goal for many people, however more often than not people under-understand how expensive joining a gym and going to classes can be. Some gyms charge in excess of $50-$100 a month just to have access to the facilities, with specialist classes and instruction taking that figure into three digit sums. You …

guide to mindfulness and mindful meditation
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Your Essential Guide to Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation

Want to know more about what mindfulness is, and ow mindful meditation works? This article covers this, plus explains some of the benefits of this practice. It’s not some hippy thing either; from company CEO and executives down, mindfulness is being practiced by people from all walks of life. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness, as the …

Good health on a budget
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Clever Ways to Maintain Good Health on a Budget

Like millions across the world, I have insurance. I have vehicle insurance, house insurance and other month to month costs like rent and entertainment. Along these lines, I’m on a financial budget. However I also maintain good health on a budget, let me explain. Be that as it may, even as I ration and spare …

Kettlebell Swing
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Your Guide To Learning The Kettlebell Swing

Here it is. One of the most comprehensive articles you will ever read to learning the kettlebell swing. But before we start: It may pay to have a Functional Movement Screen conducted before you start using kettlebells. You can also access an at home screen in my Unlocking Your Movement Online Course which comes free …

Mental health and COVID-19
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Young Persons Guide to Mental Health and COVID-19

We all know about pandemics now. COVID-19 is a new disease that has spread across the world. It’s a really scary time right now, hopefully I can offer you some really helpful tips and discuss your mental health and COVID-19. Just like physical health, and we all have mental health. Our mental health is how …

Types Of Physiotherapy
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Alternative Health: Types Of Physiotherapy To Help You

You probably won’t consider yoga, chiropractic, needle therapy, and different kinds of alternative health treatments as active recuperation, yet they can help reoccurring pain. B Enhanced physios in Caroline Springs will ensure that. On the off chance that you have recurring pain from a musculoskeletal condition, exercise-based recuperation might be a decent method to diminish …

Create a meditation habit
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How to Create a Meditation Habit and Stick to It

If you are like me, there are always a handful of habits that you want to be creating in your life. Habits like meditation, exercise, like eating better and others, however the actual act of creating habits is really difficult. So how do you actually create habits, effectively? I’m going to walk you through a …

Australian Lavender plants
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Top Benefits and Uses of Lavender Oil

The ancient Greeks used to call the lavender flower ‘nardos’ which means ‘Gift of God’. If we look at the many benefits and uses of lavender essential oil, it is easy to understand why this sweet-smelling oil is such a big gift to humankind. The booming sales in the essential oil market have led many …