Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

To determine the best vacuum cleaner for you from an extensive range of machines, there exist some factors to be looked upon. Just knowing if a vacuum cleaner has a bag or a cup is not sufficient for you to make a decision.

To ensure that you have a satisfying cleaning experience while not having to make this investment more often, we bring to you a quick and easy guide to select a perfect vacuum machine for your house.

Vacuuming is not a daily activity for most house, and they want a cleaner that does a good job of cleaning the house when they use it.

Here Are Some of the Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

1. Capacity

It’s never a good idea to constantly keep emptying the cup or replacing the bag. Vacuum cleaners with high capacity are more efficient if there’s a huge house to clean. If you believe that your floors accommodate excess dirt then also you must go with a high capacity vacuum machine.

If, however, the case is not the same then you may choose a comparatively lower capacity machine without worrying about the hassle.

2. Size

Do not interpret size as capacity. By size, we mean that the space occupied by the machine should be according to what your house can offer. Go for a smaller vacuum cleaner if you have storage issues at your home because of it being small.

3. Filtration

Filtration simply means the capability of a vacuum cleaner to hold in tiniest particles of soil and dirt within. If you have toddlers or elderly people at home who are prone to health problems caused by polluted air like asthma, then you should select a vacuum cleaner with greater stages of filtration.

4. Power cord

This is an easy one. A vacuum cleaner with a long power cord will facilitate you to turn around every part of a room in just one attempt. However, there is a drawback. Long power cords tend to entangle easily and may also face minor damages. It’s important for you to carefully use the machine.

Optimum quality vacuum cleaners have sturdy power cords attached to them. Some slight vacuums are effective too for house which are much clean so the bottom line is to take a vacuum that can clean appear properly without compromising quality.

5. Volumetric Airflow

Volumetric airflow or volumetric flow rate is the volume of air that passes through the vacuum in one second. The units can be Liters per second, cubic feet per second, and more. The suction power of your vacuum cleaner comes hand in hand with its volumetric airflow.

Go for a vacuum machine with higher volumetric airflow if you want better results. The price range is higher for vacuums with high rated volumetric airflow.

6. Warranty

To check if a vacuum cleaner is of premium quality, you should have a look at its warranty policy. Go for the machine that has a comparatively longer warranty as it provides you safety.

7. Weight

A lethargic feeling after giving your house a good clean job can be very disturbing. The weight of the vacuum cleaner you are planning to buy should be taken in sight. If you are usually prone to backache or joint pulling, then you must select a vacuum cleaner which is light in weight yet effective to use.

Weight plays a key role in choosing a vacuum cleaner, small-scale size to the medium are selected for multi-level houses and heavy duty is recommended for single floor houses so do your analysis and pick the one you can carry around and stock easily.

8. Noise:

Most Family do not alike noisy vacuum cleaners, and if you live in an apartment, where there are babies, you will not want to wake them up. It is principle that you can take a vacuum cleaner that is within 60-65 decibel range, this will be quiet, and you can still examine all your cleaning movement with relax.

Noise level in vacuum cleaners is measured in decibels (denoted by dB). A noise level of 65dB is just apt for every normal household while that of 150dB is extremely unbearable. Choose what suits you the best.


You can decide if you want to use your brand new vacuum cleaner for a decade to come or just get rid of it within a few years. It all depends on a few basic factors that we have already discussed with you. Rest of the job is yours. Happy cleaning!

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