The Benefits of Hardwood Decking for Australian Homes

Hardwood decking is designed to create a style statement while ensuring maximum durability of the structure. Hardwood decks have the natural aura of unique wood types, each with its own unique texture, colour and characteristics.

The deck is also a great way to spend more time outdoors without having to build extensions for your home. In terms of cost, hardwood floors will undoubtedly involve considerable expenditure, but compared with the maintenance requirements of softwood, it usually needs to be re-sanded and resealed on a regular basis.

As well as iron sheet, red glue, black wood and northern mahogany; among them. Iron sheet, dyed rubber, and tallow are considered to be among the most durable hardwoods in the area, and require very little treatment to remain durable in completely exposed areas.

Jarrah is perhaps one of the most in need of treatment if it is used in a similar way. Responsible wood If you buy hardwood, it is recommended that you try to choose natural hardwood for your deck. This ensures that your carbon footprint is minimised and that the wood comes from a modern and sustainable industry.

Therefore, when trying to find hardwood: buy locally grown wood as much as possible to ensure that the wood is from a reputable source try to recycle all old or unused wood from your paving project.

Benefits of Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking gives you a range of benefits, including:

  • Is more durable than softer timbers such as pine
  • Makes for reduced maintenance
  • Can be sanded down and resealed
  • Less likely to mark or scratch
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Increasing the amount of usable outdoor space; and
  • Decking makes the most of steep sites or inclines

Hardwood decking is a flooring material which will serve you long into the future and its ability to withstand the elements is unquestionable. Whether you live in a coastal area or in the middle of the Australian bush, hardwood flooring will stand the test of time.

Vintage Style – Adding old-world charm to your home, hardwood flooring is a classic design which has been popular for hundreds of years. Be inspired by the rugged wood-look and distressed design of old world parquet floors or choose an authentic antique look by using the ornate knots and hangers of some hardwoods.

What is hardwood decking?

Hardwood decking has a dark natural look that works well within any decking scheme. Hardwood decking is almost always extremely durable and easy to maintain. Also, it doesn’t require any additional maintenance compared to other flooring options.

Hardwood decking is one of the most versatile flooring materials, and is suitable for a huge range of uses, and comes in a variety of different wood varieties. You can choose to use it for either a high-quality dining table, or as a professional looking kitchen flooring, even a classy terrace or pergola.

Why use hardwood decking?

In terms of its durability, hardwood is a stone-cold crack-proof and indestructible material, and in the home and garden department, you can use it for decorating, in your garden, and even for decking.

It’s also ideal for creating a whole host of different landscapes, from a seaside patio to a beautiful garden or garden terrace.

How to maintain your hardwood decking

Now you know the basics of having a great deck that offers both the gorgeous look and practicality, it is time to know what to do to maintain your decking. First, take the time to choose your hardwood decking material. Most hardwood decking products are available in flat packs, allowing you to cut them to size when you arrive.

Always try and select hardwood decking materials with beautiful designs and lots of natural hues, to create a stunning look for your deck. Avoid hardwood decks made from pressure-treated wood, as these can deteriorate faster.

Once you have selected the type of wood, ensure that you maintain the deck, and make sure you protect it from moisture.


All you need to do to install the hardwood decking is prepare the space, cut the material, and stain it.

So, if you’ve got an inclination towards staying with hardwood floors, without having to compromise on quality, we’ve got the answer. By choosing hardwood flooring, you can take your home‘s look to the next level, without having to go for cheap and yet not-so-high-quality materials.

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